5 Make Up Item Must Have for Beginners

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5 Make Up Item Must Have for Beginners

Hi everyone, I often really share reviews about beauty products in this blog both cosmetics and skincare. Then baseball a bit among the new readers really like dandan ask for a product recommendation from me. Apparently not many who share information like this, so I will discuss now yes. Ayok spirit read to the end! 5 Make Up Item Must Have for Beginners

Talking about cosmetics, for beginners will be sure to start from where. Let alone what kind of shopping, choose brand aja would mumet because there balnyaaaaak really brand that offers a choice right. So first and foremost advice from me before going to wishlist is: adjust to budget . Then the second suggestion is: buy that the price is affordable .

Why? Yes because these products will often be used and from there we will know which products are good or suitable with us and which is baseball. If baseball is good or baseball match would not be used anymore, nah so it's a shame it's expensive to buy? For its own brand there are many that can be adjusted with the budget. Like make up wardah which is famous for affordable, kosher and good quality. Inez, with her pigmented and colorful eyeshadow collection. Or Purbasari foundationnya cheap but a lot of praise by beauty blogger and vlogger 5 Make Up Item Must Have for Beginners

Well if you have guessed about what brand will buy, now I will proceed to the wishlist about anything that needs to be purchased for beginners. [19659011] Eyebrow Pencil 5 Make Up Item Must Have for Beginners

The product of this one certainly can not be missed dong, let alone the present day that eyebrows on kece-kece. My first eyebrow product is Sariayu which cost about 12 thousand. This eyebrow pencil is not creamy and that's why I recommend to you guys. A creamy eyebrow pencil will make it difficult for beginners. Because the use of baseball may be pressed because later the result will be too thick, and I'm sure you baseball would like a result like this. 5 Make Up Item Must Have for Beginners

For beginners I recommend buying a pencil baseball baseball but also not too hard. So it will be easy to clean when someone needs to be corrected. Usually the beginner will be difficult to control the pressure during use. Trust me, it's better that natural eyebrows follow the existing curve. In addition to looking safe, this way also make us look younger plasticity. 5 Make Up Item Must Have for Beginners

  1. Foundation

Udah tau has not Purbasari got foundation for 10 thousand? If not, cobain deh! Learn to use foundation neatly and evenly. Make sure not to leave an area that has not been touched foundation, because later will plasticity bent. Hihihi. Liquid Foundation suitable applied by hand, so baseball need to get out of capital again to buy a brush or sponge right? If you are proficient to use foundation by hand, please buy the foundation brushes. 5 Make Up Item Must Have for Beginners

  1. Lipstick

I suggest do not rush after lip cream, it's really popular again but the unit price is the cheapest 45 thousand. While from the collection make up Wardah provides lip palette with various color variants. With the price 50ribu's we can get 8 different lipstick colors. You just choose which palettes you want, there is Pinky Peach, Chocoaholic, and Perfect Red. 5 Make Up Item Must Have for Beginners

Wardah lip palette chocoaholic is the first lipstick product I have had. At that time I again love-her love the same nude lipstick color, and really happy to use this Chocoaholic to hit pan everything hahahaha. Because of the color there are 8, I so love kreasikan all the colors. At that time the trend of ombre lip again rose really, when people wear lip tint to make ombre lips, I just use this palette. 5 Make Up Item Must Have for Beginners

Anyway I recommend Wardah Lip Palette! In addition to affordable prices, color choices are many, versatile as well. Because this palette can be taken anywhere and can be adjusted to any theme. 5 Make Up Item Must Have for Beginners

  1. Eyeliner

I think the eyeliner is not important, because the eye gets really good if it is framed with eyeliner. Moreover, the shape of my eyes are slanted kayak gini, if baseball wear eyeliner impression so kayak lost haha. My first eyeliner product used was Oriflame black gel eyeliner. Buy this because you want to buy MAC fluidline blacktrack baseball kesengahaian because it is still college, bag hoarse. As a result buy from Oriflame with a much more affordable price. But I am sure baseball product is still available what is baseball in Oriflame.

So I suggest to buy a type of marker for beginners. Why is this type more popular? Because it's easy to hold! Usually the beginners will find the difficulty of their unstable hands while wearing eyeliner. The result is the desired line enggak neat, right? But it's very natural and common to anyone who is just trying to makeup. So it is advisable to use a type of marker because it is nice to hold. If there is no shadow to buy anything, I suggest his Mizzu eyeliner pen. Yes again local product hihihi 5 Make Up Item Must Have for Beginners

  1. Eyeshadow

Your makeup would not complete without eyeshadow. Any kind of natural makeup keeps wearing eyeshadow, because eyeshadow can affirm our eyes. Local products there are many good and affordable, like Inez for example. The Inez brand has a 4-color mini eyeshadow palette with matching tones. It is well known that Inez products are pigmented and affordable with soft formulas.

But my friends in office use baseball Inez because according to them the size is too eat place, well I think baseball huh yes but it turns out the tastes and opinions of different people. If so use make up Wardah again aja, because for eyeshadow business, Wardah this many really its series. Shaped palette contains 3 shades with a more cute size, guaranteed enggak make your pouch packed. Although small, this palette also features a glass (a mini one too) and a sponge brush.

Okay, his article ends here. Hope so much help you yaaa who is dizzy want to buy what product. If you have any other recommendations, do not forget to comment here.

Thanks for reading and have a great day! 5 Make Up Item Must Have for Beginners

5 Make Up Item Must Have for Beginners
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