6 Ways to Spend Less Time in Front of the Mirror This Summer

6 Ways to Spend Less Time in Front of the Mirror This Summer

Your ordinary makeup may consist of a full face of the foundation, e you hadow, and matte lips, but add moisture and heat to equatio n, a nd you must have drippy dandruff . No w, w e not saying summer means no makeu p; i t only means different makeup . This is a season in the year when a peeled routine is actually needed. Replacing a smoothing cream for hair oil (we currently want Sun Bum one ) a and build a foundation for a color that would hardly exist You spend less time in the mirror and more time at the beach. Keep scrolling to see what's in our summer warehouse. 6 Ways to Spend Less Time in Front of the Mirror This Summer

In the summer and all we want to do is go to the beach, we will not wait for our skincare products - special serum - to soak i n. And gu ess what ? W e is not necessary. Similar to their liquid counterparts, serum sticks and even skin tones, substrate e appearance of fine lines, and revitalize e skin. Rub the stick over your face post-cleaning, and continue with the rest of your routine.

Yes, it's hot, but it d does not mean you have to sacrifice coverage. Redeem your heavy foundation for a lighter option that will let your skin breat him, like colored face lotion . This new and lightweight formula from Sun Bum provides a broad UVA / UVB spectrum protection (SPF 30 to be exact), while also blending easily into the skin, giving you the look of is-she-or-isn 't-she-wearing- makeup.

Highlighter is the easiest solution for the glow from inside (even if you are stuck on the table all day), so we do not tell you to dispose of the effect t. Only swapped [keren] p rolling formula for multitasking pencils, like this Nudestix which does not require any tools (just your fingers ). D along the bones of your cheeks, above the eyelids, and even on the lips for soft light . Then store it in your bag for the noon touched h-u ps.

It may not cross your mind regularly, but shiny luster can actually reflect sunlight and increase your risk of getting burns. So lip SPF is absolutely necessary. Look for options that have subtle natural colors - think you r lips but b etter - with a minimum SPF of 15. The Sun Bum formula is filled with oil coconut to keep your lips moist and look healthy.

While we like thick and full eyebrows, the soaring temps can cause your colors to melt (not a good look). So this summer we embrace nature - but still groomed - eyebrows. Brush through your set with a dry spooli e brush, t hen set it with clear gel. This is a win-wi n : You get ready faster y, and you do not always have to check if your eyebrows are in a state of wisdom.

The finishing cream may be good for taming frizz, but oil treatment tends to be lighter, makes hair more silk, and takes less time to use. Currently, we become Shine On, made of five oils: argan, coconut, almond, sunflower seeds, and jojoba. A nutritious formula is perfect for dehydration keys when smoothing strands, restoring healthy hair look, and preventing branched and flyaways heads. Use the new out of show room r o r to give a boost to post-beach hair. Bonus: It's also a miracle to your skin! 6 Ways to Spend Less Time in Front of the Mirror This Summer

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6 Ways to Spend Less Time in Front of the Mirror This Summer
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