Adoree Paris Rice Lightening Night Cream

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Adoree Paris Rice Lightening Night Cream

Hi everyone, I think you guys like ya with my review about skincare naturally. Evidenced by the number of visits on my previous post and the number of comments in my review article about serum. Well see the readers seem to need and happy with natural skincare products, this time I will love another review about other natural skincare but this time skincare rice. Create a curious what, please read on yaaaa.


This brand must still not too familiar for you guys? Well, the same I was so, strange to hear it the first time. But it turns out this Adoree has been established since 2016 loh, my helooo where aja ya, busy ngubek-ngubek skincare korean mulu think lol. Byana Maharani Putri as its founder formed PT. Aby Utama Nagata is engaged in the major trade of export and import cosmetics. Byana herself has previously worked as a skincare distributor from Beverly Hills. So finally he decided to create a skincare with his own formula.

Make yourself here the notion is not directly mixed with your own hands. But the Adoree brand is produced in Paris, in a factory that produces Dior and Chanel brands. This fact makes me wow-wow-wow own, because if made at the factory must have all been handled by professionals dong. The more surprised the fact that the factory is the same place to produce Dior and Chanel. Well original anti-mainstream really this.


I mentioned earlier that Adoree focuses on skincare. Adoree Paris Skincare claims that their product is a safe and high quality natural botanical skincare with the best composition that can help solve all skin problems (sensitive, oily, acne, dry, sponge / melasma). All the products are made from natural ingredients with the main content of rice without additional chemicals. As well as specially formulated for Asian facial skin without causing dependence. For that Adoree safe to use for pregnant and lactating mothers. Adoree promises the benefits can be felt directly within 3 days of usage.


There are 6 products in Adoree's skincase series: cleansing milk, moisturizing tonic lotion, serum rice radiance, rice face cream, lightening night cream, rice face mask.

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Well here I have the opportunity to cobain lightening night cream products, and here is the composition: Saxifraga sarmentosa extract, grapefruit extract, scutellaria baicalensis root extract and morus bombycis root extract.

When viewed from the materials contained, this product is completely chemical free. Now I will tell you my experience using this product yes.


The Adoree Paris Skincare set claims to have the ultimate benefit of brightening and smoothing the skin tone naturally, as an anti-aging agent helps regenerate skin cells more quickly and keep skin moisture making skin younger, brighter and glowing.

Well I was tempted by his promise 'flatten skin color naturally' because I did have that problem. The color of the area of my forehead is darker with the eye area to the chin. So I agreed when asked to cobain this product.

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What I like when I first try is mild fragrance, the aroma of rice on skincare is generally not strong baseball. The aroma is also not too herbal enggak because sometimes organic skincare has a thick herbal smell that is less delicious as well.

The same texture really like cleansing milk just the difference, this lightening cream baseball sticky on the skin. Perfectly saturated after about 2 minutes of use and baseball leaving a stick in the skin a bit. Even my skin is also baseball itch which means ingredients this product basebars harsh on my skin. Good, i like it.

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I've used this about a month and so far it fits in the skin in the sense of enggak cause irritation in the face or cause acne. What I feel for a month using this is the dark spot my acne scars slowly fade, I'm sure this will be lost completely if routinely used. The effect of enlightening it is less so flavored to me though it does look a bit brighter face a bit.

The effect of enlightening baseball is no different from the facial condition after facial. Brighten it more to the effect of making the face so impressed cleaner and fresher than ever wrote in my opinion. Regarding the claim that can flatten the skin color naturally, unfortunately I did not see the results on my face. Not that the product is not good baseball, it's just a product that I try just lightening night cream so maybe less powerful used alone. It may be necessary to use the complete set of skincare sets to make it more useful.

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Logo design I like also because in my opinion already similar to other paris beauty brands. Supported also with a minimalist and simple plasitk packaging with white dominance.

One thing I do not like about this product is its mini size. It seems like a tester or travel size product. Although delicious this product can be taken anywhere without fear of leaking, spilled or broken.


More point:

  • Using natural ingredients
  • Can be used for me who is breastfeeding
  • Brighten
  • Travel friendly

Minus point :

  • Other promised benefits are less significant
  • The size is mini

So the first review of organic products this time, hopefully you like the review. May be really if you want to request what products I will review next. Have a nice day!

Adoree Paris Rice Lightening Night Cream
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