Aperire Impression Lip Velvet Lipstick

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Aperire Impression Lip Velvet Lipstick

Hi beauty lovers ! This Review this time would appeal to all of you addict with lip cream . Because I have review about lip cream which is almost a month more often used. Yes, as you can see from the title, it's Aperire Impression Lip Velvet . This lip cream brand Korea sent directly from Seoul via Hicharis.

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My time unboxing package of submissions from Hicharis, I was immediately captivated by the packaging of Aperire Lip Impression both the packing box and tube lip cream . Due to the packing of the colored pink pastel with the design aesthetic . For lovers pink hard line like me, the packing of this box is really beautiful and of course it's a shame if it is thrown away immediately.

Then tube lip cream is minimalist and elegant in black doff with white writing. There is a transparent section under tube which makes shade its direct we can see without the need swatch used to be in hand. With all that combination tube this looks so sturdy and also fit grasped. It's a contrast still with its packs of feminine impressions.

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talking about feminine matter, Aperire Lip Impression has 5 shade feminine and present-day skin of Asian women, namely shade: 301 Coral Leaf, 401 Dazzle Orange, 402 Red Garnet , 500 Rose Bay, and 504 Pink Prism . I think the color choices are limited and the colors are also very bright when first seen, maybe some of you feel not necessarily match with colors like this. But this can be overcome by choosing the same color or approaching your favorite lipstick shade. Just as I have finally chosen Coral Leaf, Dazzle Orange and Rose Bay.

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Now let's discuss the sweet promises provided by this product and whether it matches the reality?

Perfect color with even a single touch. Liquid velvety texture that leaves only light on the intense matte finish when spreading only once.

This product though textured cream but has no results which matte . Finish early after it was applied was satin finish . Below is a photo swatches on my hands, can be seen on the photo above it is the first time sada. While the bottom is about 20 minutes and the finish is still satin. It feels very light on the lips and really really does not make my lips feel dry.

This lipstick was baseball transferproof and kissproof but durable. And finish on the lips after shine its missing it is matte but baseball intense like kayak lip tint so that still gives the color but enggak pigmented .

Can be seen below picture that I take during the day wear. I swear This is very durable, its new color really faded after I had dinner around 7 pm. While I start to wear at 9:00 am, just imagine aja baseball need to touch up!

Smooth and moist without crest. Finishing touch of new concept of semi-matte texture that has comfortable and adhesive spreading.

Agree if lip cream is baseball dry on the lips, and baseball accentuate the lip lines also because the moist on the lips. Surely you guys have also deh ngerasain wear lip cream and baseball long after the set tastes your lips dry and cracked like warteg tile. Not to mention a sense of baseball is comfortable on the lips are rather sticky how so. But these things I feel baseball on this product. But it could be this because the finish is baseball dead matte.

Lip cream applicator is very comfortable weared, can really be used for beginners that allows us to wear neatly from the inside tips of the lips. Not only easy to wear but this applicator also makes me easy to control the amount of products and easy tidy up.

Price and buy info where I've written at the beginning of paragraph. But here I want to emphasize again about the ordering and purchasing of goods. You all baseball need to worry about the goods will be problematic at customs or stuck long there or even baseball release goods (this is the most suck). Because surprisingly shopping in Hicharis baseball make us all deg-deg an wait for the package release from customs. Quite surprised my tablet when the product up exactly according to the estimation given. So shopping Korean goods through Hicharis has been tested safe and quiet. I swear! Not because I am one of the celeb loh ya so say like this. Wkwkwk

So that he review about lip cream product that long lasting according to my usage, hopefully enough detail and informative ya gengs. If any of you still have a less understood with the review that I write, below I attach also the summary yes:


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Aperire Impression Lip Velvet Lipstick

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