Color Level of Women Skin

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Color Level of Women Skin

Hi Girls!Return to this blog again, with new posts!

This time I'm going to have a dye about skin color and things about Girls skin! Color Level of Women's Skin

certainly there are still many Girls, among you who do not know about your skin tone or your skin color. Some women in the world also sometimes confused about the color of the skin. Well, this I will love the review of skin color, so keep listening to read this carefully.

1. Very Fair - Color Level of Women Skin

This skin color, is the most white / top skin color among other skin color.Gadis, please listened yes, because the skin color is very fair, unlike the color of skin that you see everyday dikehidupan anda.Kalian can say if your big friends / family are white / very white. Anyway, you live in Asia Girls, so, skin color of Asians with skin color that I use here, throw as you guys think. Very fair skin color is only owned by people west or you can call it Caucasians, or people who are descendants of westerners Usually the color of his skin will be more different from the white of Asians. White is very fair here can you imagine aebagai pale white.Pucat net, white unlike Asia more to white langsat / yellowish.

2. Adil - Color Level of Women Skin

Well, one more level down, Fair is one of the many yabg you meet.Fair here approaching skin color of Asians.Can Asians, using fair color as skin color.Most Asian people ranked skin color in position both of these are also in the top position.

3. Medium - Color Level of Women Skin

More than we discussed earlier, Medium, is a skin tone typical of Indonesian women along with skin color under Medium.Putihnya Indonesian women are ranked number 3 is Sedang.Namun average, is often interpreted as the skin color not native / natural because here, mostly because people bask under the sun the color of his skin like brown color after sunbathing.

4. Olive - Color Level of Women Skin

Olive is the original skin color of Indonesia. Most Olives here as a skin color that fits perfectly with the skin color of Indonesia is brown.

5. Brown - Color Level of Women Skin

Can be imagined from the name only Brown which means brown, this brown is the same skin color with the color of the skin Under chocolate for Africans.But Brown is defined as an exotic skin color, still more elegant than the skin color below, impressed sexy and the color is defiantly challenging.

6. Black - Color Level of Women Skin

To be honest, this skin color is a dark skin color that actually is Dark Brown. There is no real human skin color, it may be there and it is very good / a little girl. Not everyone dark skin you say black, because the true color of human skin ever exist in Dark Brown lever

Little extra, for color designation skin, very different from the existing titles in various versions. The designation of the skin tone itself and many more versions depending on the needs of the country or who manage it. So, for you Girls, hope this helps you a little to know the color of the skin, or for your purposes in the make-up as some of our makeup products buy according to skin tone, such as Foundation, BB Cream, Powder, Concealer, Contour, or various other makeup products.

Color Level of Women Skin

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