Every Time I Wear This Mascara, People Think I’m Wearing Falsies

Every Time I Wear This Mascara, People Think I'm Wearing Falsies

Sometimes the idea of ​​the story appears unexpectedly. Like, for example, when you stretch your new-to-just mascara just before heading to the gym one night and get home then with plenty of fresh praise under your belt. Because it decides you have to write (and Instagram) about it as soon as possible humanely. Here's what happened: Although I usually avoid wearing makeup every time I exercise, last night for fun, I tried ModelCo Fiber Lash Brush at False Lashes ($ 45) before exiting the door to Equinox . I never tried mascara fiber-technology and eyelash products before (did not work) and did not want to risk to experiment in the morning when I had to, you know, interviewing celebrities or attending important events. (This work sometimes takes some strategy.) So, because I assumed I might sweat with the formula (and I do not really care if I end up looking crazy in the gym), I give it a whirl. [19659002] What was surprising was that I fell in love with him right away. While other formulas have weighed my eyelashes or produced a splash of striking fibers all over my eyes and cheeks - not cute- the ModelCo antidote is 100% clutter free. First, you layer on the Mascara Extension, (which looks pretty on its own in a way), before following it with a healthy layer of white eyelash extension, and then complete the look with another layer of Extension Mascara. . And, if you want to be an actual rule-breaker (like moi), you might even coat the Lashxtend Mascara brand ($ 25) above that . (My eyelashes are my favorite feature to play and because mascara is basically the level of kryptonite weakness when it comes to my beauty aesthetics, OD-ing is never an option for me). Every Time I Wear This Mascara, People Think I'm Wearing Falsies

By the time I was finished and ready to leave my apartment I had to admit my eyelashes did not look significantly longer than they normally do (and once again, I naturally have enough eyelashes long so this is not something I say lightly). But then comes the reinforcement. Upon arriving at the gym and checking in, the girl at the front desk shouted "Oh my God, did you just get the eyelash extension? They look really good!" Somewhat embarrassed because I was never smooth when receiving praise, I explained to her my eyelashes were actually thanks to the new mascara I tried - not extensions or faltions. He was surprised. Then, when I recovered, jumped on the treadmill, and stuffed my earbud, the girl who ran next to me (who had a very pretty eyelash, herself) stopped, cornered me, and asked, "Excuse me, but do you have any extensions eyelashes? Your eyelids look amazing. "So, I did my schpeal for the second time. Attracted by attention, I decided to post to Instagram my fast snapshot story (something I only do when I'm completely fascinated by something I just found or am excited to try), and almost immediately the DM came flooding in. From (nice) people who demand product links to others who want to know if I am is using extensions or falsies. Once again, my answer is brilliant, not . Plus, it's also worth mentioning when I post a photo to Instagram, it's a good four to five hours after I apply mascara, push myself through exhausting exercise, make dinner, and fall into my bed. (Aka why I'm wearing a chic gray sweater in the photo above - I'm a kid.)

Impressive, right? Suffice it to say, if and when strangers question whether or not my eyelashes are real, I will continue to sing the lash-compliments of ModelCo. Every Time I Wear This Mascara, People Think I'm Wearing Falsies

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