Foundation Or BB Cream?

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Foundation Or BB Cream?

In this post I will discuss about better where the hell between the foundation or BB cream? Or maybe among yourself there is a confused want to go or better which one for beginners? Foundation or BB Cream? Eits, in a later post, there is a bonus list of high end loh and drugstore! Like post High End Makeup Differences and Drugstore I've ever made before. You have not read yet? Let's scroll down to read my previous post! Foundation Or BB Cream?

usually what is the foundation? How to Choose a Foundation Easily You must have got the shadow yes girls. Yup, most commonly exciting foundation because of love from our face, base / first, or second after you use primer / moisturizer or essential oil yes girls.Nah, besides also the foundation is very work for you who have a deficiency in your face, whether dirt or spots jers / sun exposure, or scars on your face, pimples are being flushed / inflammation maupu not, or your face who like to blush aka facial skin you prefer than generally. Speaking of coverage, of course the Foundation is much better than BB Cream.Namun, this also terganttung with level ya girl, like there are full coverage, high coverage, HD coverage, low to medium, mild to moderate, moderate to high or medium to light light. Well, if it's about cobverage, the Foundation is the solution if you focus more on the coverage. But do not get me wrong, many of the BB Cream products are coveragenya Foundation class! However, if you talk about it, and many more Foundation that promise to protect skin with SPF they have, in fact, it was lost with BB Cream loh.Kalau you are a person who is more concerned or worthy your skin is protected completely, the answer is BB Cream. Foundation Or BB Cream?

 The picture of the story

Why is that? Because the foundations themselves have been made more perfect, alias, from a more focused focus segment, so, surely they think that the foundation is less focused on sunlight, because, usually, the foundation is used for special events that are not so much, different, more in compared to BB Cream. Foundation Or BB Cream?

But, if talking about hydration and shade that exist, may be a dark hydration by BB Cream, because the content of BB Cream itself there is a color Moisturizer is very good in maintaining skin moisture, in the foundation itself and also there but just Moizturizer only, unlike BB Cream that brings the content of Moisturizing Color in it, and halkpun that make BB Cream is more fluid Change Foundation, if we look in terms of color, not much is a BB Cream or a variant of BB Cream offer shade for our skin. The range is only light, medium or dark. However, the foundation itself has more choices and variations that are very complete and can be customized with our own skin color or pelvic more, pale, yellow, pink, brown or dark . Foundation Or BB Cream?

 Drawing results for Foundation

Speaking of how the reactions and performance of these two products, the foundation focuses more on the coverage I have previously described above. on the scope there are some who also focus and keep walking balanced and stay good. Foundation Or BB Cream?

BB Cream Foundation Or BB Cream?

What the hell is BB Cream? Maybe for those of you who do not know, you can read the review below ini.BB Cream itself contains lighter version of the Foundation that is not too focused on coverage, aka, if this problem, the Foundation far more yes yes girls.Namun, BB Cr eam designed with various ingredients, not only Color Moisturizer, but also sun protection, skin care and other antioxidants that keep our skin healthy. Girls, there's not much I'm going to discuss about BB Cream, because from the discussion of the Foundation issues above, I always love the comparisons between the two products, So you can conclude yourself yes girl and surely have a lot of dong about these two products.

 Results of the image for BB Cream

I myself want to talk about the matter on the BB Cream is much more worthy than the foundation.Apalagi for you who do not really like the people who are too thick and ga alami.Nah, this BB Cream is the answer. By the way, but I prefer the Foundation because of its cover, but I prefer it. It should be back to you each, what you need. If you use the foundation, you can use primer first and moisturizer to keep your skin protected. For those of you who are very concerned about your skin, especially those who have problems on dry skin, maybe you need a BB Cream. Curry BB Cream will protect your girl's face! Foundation Or BB Cream?

So much information from me girl Yayasan Cinta or BB Cream? Hopefully you can find out who needs ya girls!

Bonus List as I mentioned earlier, is a list of High End Products and Drugstore for Foundation also BB Cream!

Foundation (High End) Foundation (Drugstore)

1. Huda Beauty 1. Maybelline

2. Too Faced 2. Wet n Wild

3. Hours of Sand 3. Rimmel

4. Estee Lauder 4. Cover Girl

5. Shu Uemura 5. Formula Doctor

6. Giorgio Armani 6. Revlon

7. Makeup Forever 7. Nyx Cosmetics

8. Dior Skin 8. Milani

9. Tarte 9. L.A Girls

10. M.A.C 10. Burts Bee

BB Cream (High End) BB Cream (Pharmacy)

1. Dior BB Cream 1. Maybelline

2. Erborian 2, Pond's

3. No7 3. Olay

4. Bobbi Brown 4. Garnier

5. Omorovizca 5. Revlon

6. Estee Lauder 6. L & # 39; Oreal

7. Ren 7. Palmer

8. La Roche-Rosay 8. Doctor Formula

All the information I can give you girls! Hopefully useful and help you yes in determining which one you need.

Foundation Or BB Cream?

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