Review Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

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Review Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

Aloha everybody! was long baseball makeup review, I miss it too ya. Actually, I've created a list of makeup product reviews from the ones I've bought but the ngedraft has not had time. This time I will give a review of Maybelline Fit Me Foundation. Actually I am indeed installments review matte and poreless foundation. Then Maybelline send me also the dewy and smooth. This review is so complete, so you can compare matte + poreless and dewy + smooth that's what it looks like.

In terms of packaging, the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation is quite a craze to attract the attention of potential buyers. The foundation is packaged in a glass rectangular bottle that fits the grip. Wrapped with a minimalist design and the color of the foundation can be clearly visible through this glass bottle.

The bottle with the lid is solid, so far foundation is in the pouch and I take it everywhere it is safe. This I do not because baseball there is a foundation that travel friendly but was deliberately to know if this pack is strong enough. Even so, if you are sure baseball do not do yes, the risk loh hehehe own responsibility. Review Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

Many people who complain why baseball is no pump. With a pump applicator the application will be much easier and efficient because baseball need to worry about most or beleberan. While the hole on the packaging was baseball can be considered small. But for me this is not a problem because I am used to careless and i know how to deal with it hahahaha. But this must be a shortcoming for you who are very hygienic, all neat and efficient. So keep it mind ya. Review Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

Maybelline packs this product in a bottle without pump with a small baseball hole but the texture is also they thought. Why do I say that? Because the texture of this foundation tuh is indeed liquid but a little thick become baseball runny. When will be poured, the product inside baseball flows quickly, baseball directly out. So it can still be guessed to want to issue a product as much as what. Review Maybelline Fit Me Foundation


Its excellent cover power is from medium to full coverage, and can be built up without making the face feel thick and heavy because of its lightweight formula on the skin. Can cover acne scars, redness even dark circle also my eye bags in one layer. The end result powdery after this foundation set that make my face so smooth smooth. Oh yes even though he said matte but the end result I think baseball dead matte so, so matte but enggak flat. Hopefully can be understood yes explanation, hahahaha. Review Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

If talking about its endurance, Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Matte + Poreless I acungin thumb yes. Because it can hold up to 8 hours without touch up and able to withstand oil. So that with the use of it anyway still not appear luster in the face even though used during the day. Sweat is getting better, like the more united so. But you need to note that if my skin type is normal to tend to dry and a little really greasy in the area of ​​T at certain hours. So please adjust this review with your skin condition again yes. Review Maybelline Fit Me Foundation


As per the variant, dewy + smooth gives a glowing face result. In my opinion, oily face is not suitable to wear this one. Because the oil control is less kicking like matte + poreless. Plus coverage is also a baseball draw with matte + poreless.

Conversely, make a normal face to dry face wear this. Because the result is heathy glowing and baseball crack in dry skin. Either this feeling aja or how. I think the Dewy + Smooth formula is more fluid than Matte + Poreless, please correct me if im wrong.


For me the right shade is no 220 ie Natural Beige. Because shade natural buff and pure beige darker than my skin color. Maybe at first glance like baseball is no difference, but if you note more clearly my face when wearing shade 230 and 235 become more dull. Because the shade is darker than my face.

Given this foundation is quite severe oxidize it, so better you buy shade that 1-2 levels brighter than skin color. In case there is not know, oxidize it means shade foundation down to be darker after wear. But even though oxidize, this foundie is still a must try. Because it gives a second skin-like result. Coveragen dapet but baseball make a face so like wearing a mask, plus lightweight when used.

Foundation oxidize not mean useless, there are many ways to make foundie oxidize in order to remain usable. One of them is by adding a concealer and powder that shades his light in his face T area. This actually makes it look so gradation. The result is like this ...

Above I use the foundation of Maybelline Fit Me shade 235 pure beige, which is the darkest shade. What do you think? Nope ketara kan? So do not be too early to judge the foundation of oxidation, can kok diakalin so tetep pede life. For me this foundation is most often used because it was, I like the results of his second skin.

So gengs so far review of Maybelline Fit Me Foundation from me, so how do you think about this product?

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Review Maybelline Fit Me Foundation
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