Review Pure Paw Paw Oinment

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Review Pure Paw Paw Oinment

Which woman does not want to have healthy and nutritious skin? But dry skin is a problem that is often by women today. Usually this problem occurs due to 'car' in AC. Not rare and I feel the skin still feels dry when it is enough to drink water. It has been re-apply body lotion but its moisture is not durable. Well baseball is not easy to fix skin moisture in a short time for me who more activity in air-conditioned room. And finally you can do Pure Paw Paw Ointment which can help dry skin. Let baseball curious to read and continue its review. Review Pure Paw Paw Oinment

What's this Pure Paw Paw Oinment?

Pure Paw Paw is a all purpose healing salve that is ointment (ointment) which can be used for various health uses of skin. Ointment itself is one type of skin moisturizer other than lotion and cream. In contrast to lotion and cream, ointment is the richest moisturizer, since it is made of 80% oil and 20% air, thus moisturizing as well as locking moisture on the skin. By the larvae, ointment is used to overcome very dry skin problems such as lips, elbow area, or soles of the feet, and helps treat minor injuries.

Paw Paw Feet is also made of 100% natural ingredients, where one of the ingredients is a freshly fermented Australian papaya fruit. The papaya carica fruit, also called Paw Paw, has a very high vitamin C and various enzymes that are unique to skin health, especially for dry and problem skin. Because using natural ingredients, all the properties of this papaya can be the result of Paw Paw Murni without worrying, even for sensitive skin though.

Well by the way I'm a big fan of Carica nih, who used to be so by Dieng.
The way I use Pure Paw Paw Oinment

After trying for almost a month, I love this product. It is like demanding its all-purpose, Pure Paw Paw Oinment indeed can be customized for various needs. Here's how I use Pure Paw Paw Oinment:

  • Lip balm. More than the ampoule of the usual lip balm! For makeup purposes for my clients I entrust this product. Lips guaranteed to be very smooth, wear matte lipstick any baseball to worry about lips breaking. Previously when using regular lip balm, lipstick baseball would stick with good on the lips, so holiday patchwork.
  • This is a fad result that turns out to be effective. So the type of my face is actually normal dry, well in some areas can be very dry once full makeup. Like the area under the eyes, nose, forehead and round smile. At that time the primer was exhausted when I had to be invited as a result I was desperate to use Pure Paw Paw Oinmentating in an area that is easy to crack. It turned out to work and baseball damaging makeup altogether. Hehehehe
  • Light Wounds. As emak-emak of course aja ya small accident in the kitchen for example baseball aware of what excitement ya taunya already aja aja. Well when I use this Pure Paw Paw Oinment to enggak pain.
  • This is a mainstay for me when the baby rash due to the use of diapers. Pure Paw Paw Oinment more efficacious rash cream special in the market. I use it in the morning when the irritation, eh afternoon already more drastic red-red dong him. Seriously deh I need to have this deh!
  • And in areas that are often very dry like elbows, knees, heels and soles of the feet.

The main usefulness of Pure Paw Paw is the care and protection of the skin by moistening it, It is for for dry and dry areas. However, not limited to just that. This product can also be used to treat cuticle skin, minor injuries, minor burns, until as primer before using makeup or as eyebrow gel . Multifunction really huh?

The way of life by applying it to dry or light areas. For maximum results, it may be possible.
Aroma, Color, Texture and Package

Pure Paw Paw Oinment has 5 variants, namely: Original, Strawberry , Grape, Passion Fruit, and Watermelon. These five variants have a suitable fragrance and exactly the name. Strawberry is the most prominent among the others. But I prefer the smell of watermelon because it is very fast. The texture itself is similar to petroleum jelly and colorless. Package in the form of tube made of 25gram plastic light and travel-friendly

Review Pure Paw Paw Oinment

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