The 10 Best Bronzer Brushes to Fake a Post-Beach Glow

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The 10 Best Bronzer Brushes to Fake a Post-Beach Glow

Fact: Aside from the small and detailed brush that I rely on to precisely combine eye shadow, the only makeup brush I have is a bronzer brush. That's because I usually prefer to use my beloved Sigma Beauty 3D HD Blender ($ 15) or my finger to apply and blend the rest of my makeup. Except, of course, when it comes to bronze. There is nothing but a soft, soft bronzer brush that implements a uniform stroke beneath my cheekbone. I've tried using various beauty sponges and compact applicators, but that's not even a close race. I do not quite understand, but it is an honest truth, that's why I consider myself (oddly) excited about this particular type of brush. The 10 Best Bronzer Brushes to Fake a Post-Beach Glow. The 10 Best Bronzer Brushes to Fake a Post-Beach Glow

You see, my bronzer brush should be solid and soft. with the right amount of give in the feather. Only then will my favorite bronzer swipe in a perfect way of emitting post-beach light. Therefore, I am very happy to do small research and distinguish the great from the good from the bad. Here are 10 best bronzer brushes on the market, according to word of mouth, internet, and myself. So go and be bronze.

This BareMinerals brush is actually designed for use in combination with the SPF 15 Spectrum Powder Foundation ($ 29), though it also works wonderfully as a brush blush and brusher. Its soft feathers contaminate the right amount of powder onto the skin, resulting in a very natural look of color wash. Though it certainly feathers more than some of my other brushes, it's still worth it for me to light allover given when paired with some of my favorite bronzer powder.

While we are on a favorite topic of bronzer powder, I have two separate ones that are currently tied for the top spot. The first is Anastasia Beverly Hills choice, especially under Saddle shade, which is a warm golden brown color suitable for my skin no matter whether it is pale in the middle of winter or sprayed in late May. In other words, it is one of those rare colors that are generally flattering. I am also a fan of fine textures, which are easily rubbed onto my skin.

My second favorite bronzer du jour powder is the new Urban Decay compact, which is part of Beached's new collection. This shadow, called Bronzed, looks darker than medium brown, the IRL. Nevertheless, fine and fine powders are pressed easily and blend easily. I put it under my cheekbone to add definition, to my temples and jaw line, and even along the side of my nose to the allover light.

But back to the brush, which is our original topic. Next is this round feathered brush from Bobbi Brown. It may be expensive, but customers say it's worth it. Take it from one reviewer, who writes, "I've had this brush for over a year now.This is recommended as a 'must be purchased' by a relative of the beauty industry.I love it! Daily use for a year now and almost nothing shedding to talk about or changes in performance.I think it's crazy to spend a lot of money on one brush, but have given the bronzer app a very easy one year (for beginner makeup) so for that I am very grateful! "

If You are looking for something budget-friendly, look no further than this sculptor's brush from Real Techniques, which is a brand of classical store makeup shop . Its solid fur and angled head make it perfect for proper bronzer applications (which is especially useful if you like using traditional bronzing powder as a contour, as I do).

Another high-end hero, Marc Jacobs bronzer brush is perfectly tapered to fit into the cheek hollows, the curve of the jaw line, and the depression of the temple. It's designed for shared use O! Mega Bronzer ($ 49). As written by a Sephora reviewer, "This brush is amazing, super poofy, super soft and does wonders to apply bronzer, I can not believe I've lived this far without this brush in my collection."

Kat Von D is a wholly vegan beauty brand, which extends to its brush as well. The white-tipped synthetic fibers on this oblique contour brush are super luxurious and flexible, which means they are distributing pigments very well. It is designed to be used side by side with Shade + Light Contour Palette ($ 49), which includes six rechargeable matte highlights and contour shades (the last one I use as a bronzer too). This is the real deal.

BH Cosmetics is an underrated aim for makeup brush. Each is very cheap (like a small contour brush is only for $ 4). They are also of high quality. I know I have some Cosmetic BH brushes in my collection that have lasted for more than two years. But I digress. This small brush head has a cruel-free fiber that allows bronzer applications to impact. Basically, what I'm saying is that I'll grab this brush if I'm going to stand out, Victoria's Secret model - sort of light.

The Hourglass's Foundation / Blush Brush is what can be duplicated as a soft-bronzing bronzing tool. (As I said, I do not use brush to apply foundation, so I have found another use for this brush in the form of bronzing brush.) It has more than 8000 "likes" on Sephora website, with reviews like this: "Brush this take the right amount of powder, good for coating and use with a blemish or foundation.I have not tried it with a liquid foundation, but I'm sure it gives quality results with it too! It must be. "

We know what you think : $ 115 for one brush sounds a bit crazy. However, it is definitely an option for anyone who wants to buy something luxurious and durable. The chic white fibers are naturally sourced and super-soft for a smooth bronzer powder application. Can be used to apply a thin layer of bronzer or a layer that is more daring and more impactful. Sephora's customers are obsessed. "I do not know what magic is here, and I am a practically natural person," one wrote. "It just blends so beautifully and has a great way of placement for the bronzer and even flushed.This is a high quality workhorse.Life is too short, buy the brush.You will thank me." How's that for a glowing review? The 10 Best Bronzer Brushes to Fake a Post-Beach Glow

We went from the most expensive brush on this list to the cheapest. These ones are widely available in drug stores everywhere and have small pointed heads that can be used to use liquid bronzer, cream, or powder. Since so many other bronzer brushes are only meant for powder exclusively, I like to pair this one with a cream formula. The 10 Best Bronzer Brushes to Fake a Post-Beach Glow

The cream formula I am pairing with E.l.f. brush with this is Onomie Boosting Lip + Cheek Stick. Technically this is not a bronzer, but I use it as one because the matte brown color is the right color for me to use in the cheek basin and along my jaw line for definition. I like to use it that way because of hydrates, clots, and increase my skin's natural collagen production. (I'm not the only one who loves this little color stick.) Read full review from this makeup / skin care product with not one but two separate Byrdie editors.)

The benefits of a bamboo-inspired bronzer brush The dome becomes the perfect circular shape to define the face with bronzer and / or contour powder. Sephora's customers are certainly big fans. One of the many reviewers wrote, "I really like this brush, it's soft enough, and just the right shape for bronze & soft contours of face.Color & detail make it much more cute !! Only brushes I use for bronzing / contouring now! " The 10 Best Bronzer Brushes to Fake a Post-Beach Glow

Now that you know about the best bronzing makeup brushes (and some product recommendations too), see the best bronzer for your special skin color .

The 10 Best Bronzer Brushes to Fake a Post-Beach Glow

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