The Cure for Carb Cravings: 5 Simple Tricks That Actually Work

The Cure for Carb Cravings: 5 Simple Tricks That Actually Work

We hold on to the idea that a "perfect" diet is whatever makes you feel best and supports your lifestyle - including pizza. However, if you want to lose a little weight, it's good to consider science to make the most efficient adjustments to your meal plan. And unfortunately, research shows that cutting carbohydrates is a powerful enough strategy to do - especially if you want to reduce your body fat percentage.

Now, in the interest of full disclosure, a recent study from Stanford University found that a low-fat diet could be as effective as calling back to a bread basket. But if you'd rather keep your avocado in rotation - an excellent choice, we can add - then know that carbohydrate cutting does not have to be painful or difficult. In fact, there are some strategies that experts agree to overcome carbohydrate desire while still feeling full and - dare we say it - happy . That's no coincidence: In addition to helping with weight loss and bloating, cutting back on refined sugar can help reduce mood swings, stress, and even skin problems .

Keep reading for four easy tips that can help stop carbohydrate desires on their tracks.

Not all carbohydrates are created equal, and adjusting your diet can be as simple as reducing refined carbohydrates or "white". This "empty carbohydrate" ultimately has no nutrients and causes a spike in blood sugar, "says nutritionist Amy Shapiro MS, RD, CDN, of True Nutrition . "Some examples of these things include soda, candy, muffins, bagels, and fries."

Those nail blood sugars are actually what causes them cravings for bad luck in the first place. [1945904] Scientists have discovered that some time after heavy meals of carbohydrates, our insulin levels tend to decrease - leading to a strong desire for more carbohydrates. (Incidentally, this is the same area of ​​our brain that is associated with addictive behavior.)

You are on a miserable journey if you allow yourself to be hungry. Instead, make a smart substitute. "It's hard to cut anything from our food without finding a nice substitute," says Maria Bella, MS, RD, CDN, of Top Balance Nutrition . "I would use this as an opportunity not to focus on limiting carbohydrates, but as an opportunity to try new foods and recipes instead." He suggested to exchange cauliflower rice with regular varieties, or choose black bean paste on white.

"Begin your meal with salad, ask for cut-up vegetables with your hummus instead of ribbons, fruit snacks instead of candy, enjoy peanuts instead of pretzels, or pack your burgers in lettuce," added Shapiro. Be creative, and you will never starve.

Train LaCroix trend? Take the boat. "If you're used to drinking soda, swapping into aromatic sparkling water or drinking something similar to Bai 5 ($ 2), which is naturally sweetened," Shapiro said.

Another bonus: Drinking water can help suppress that desire. "Stay hydrated because the hypothalamus in our brain tends to confuse thirst and hunger," Bella says.

The impact of alcohol on our body can not be denied - and the same applies when we surrender. That's not to mention that when we are a little buzzing, it becomes much more difficult to make healthy choices around our desires. Consider rebooting to see what you feel.

And if you'd rather not, it's cool too - the alternative is to keep using clear colored alcohols, which tend to contain less sugar and fewer calories. The Cure for Carb Cravings: 5 Simple Tricks That Actually Work

Research shows that choosing a protein-rich breakfast can help you reduce cravings and overeat later in life. "We often crave carbohydrates when we're really hungry or when we're not getting enough protein," Bella says. "Protein suppresses hormone ghrelin." Fish, quinoa, eggs ... all are solid choices.

The Cure for Carb Cravings: 5 Simple Tricks That Actually Work

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The Cure for Carb Cravings: 5 Simple Tricks That Actually Work

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