This $8 Brow Product Is So Good, I Canceled My Microblading Appointment

This $8 Brow Product Is So Good, I Canceled My Microblading Appointment

As beauty editors, we are flooded with a ton of new products every day (we know - tough lives). Reviews is a series where we report some of the best products we try. Whether it's a lifetime store lipstick or a hand cream that saved this winter, you'll find all our favorites in this column. Enjoy!

Everyone has one facial feature that tends to fixate on them (which assumes that Angelina Jolie has the same holiday as us all). Mine is always my eyebrow - or rather, my lack of eyebrows. During the first 21 years of my life, I strolled through seemingly oblivious to the fact that my natural eyebrows simply do not exist. Not until I began to work in beauty, I realized the vast differences that a perfect curve could make. After that, there is no way back. I tried every eyebrow product on the market, laboriously filling my little arch every morning with the ultimate goal of being some kind of Lily Collins effect (but usually very, very far). I developed an unhealthy attachment with Tonya Crooks Sparkling Pencil Beep ($ 23), which, in my opinion, is still the best eyebrow pencil out there if you naturally have no eyebrows. Once, I got an explosion where a well-meaning hairdresser rinsed part of my eyebrows filled during my shampoo and I almost cried. I am obsessed with thick and smooth eyebrows, even more because I do not have them naturally.

Then, two years ago, I got my microblade eyebrows, and my life changed for the better. Now, instead of spending 10 minutes in front of the mirror, filling, and brushing my eyebrows, I can only add colorful eyebrow gel gels (Benefit Gimme Brow $ 24, is my go-to) and go about my day. It saved me so much time, and my anxiety to get out in public without filling my eyebrows decreased exponentially.

Unfortunately, microblading is not a permanent procedure, and more recently, I have seen the color in my eyebrows have faded away to the point where it is barely visible. I still only use the colored eyebrow gel, but I have to use more to sculpt the specified eyebrows than in the past; a few days ago, I even grabbed a thin eyebrow pencil to fill the sparse areas, which brought a flashback of my pre-microblading days and was very disturbing. However, the thing about microblading is a very painful thing (think little knife scraping your eyebrows repeatedly), so I have postponed my promise. Then, on another day, a thin, simple eyebrow landed on my desk from Maybelline. I've heard rumors about this product and been interested in the tip - unlike other eyebrows (which never worked for me), the ends are split into four small pieces instead of one felt tip. Chart A below:

Curious, I immediately tried it - and was blown away. A unique tip creates a small streak that looks like real eyebrow hair. I wiggled it to the base of my brow hair wherever I felt I wanted more definitions. Most importantly, I can not believe how easy it is to use it. Most eyebrows have an aqueous formula that does not work for my eyebrows; they barely appear or look like I fill my eyebrows with colored markers (scary). Either way, it's not funny, and this has made me permanently swear anything from the eyebrow pen ... until now.

This version of Maybelline has a stiff tip and a surprisingly pigmented color that gives you a layer for intensity. I use it like an eyebrow pencil, applying short strokes along my eyebrows. One tip: I have flipped the tip so that it is horizontal and then draw a preferred hair stroke up . It makes the final effect look a lot more realistic. The whole process takes 15 seconds, compared to the 15 minutes I use every morning pre-microblading. See below for proof:

I am without products on my brow
I am after using Maybelline TattooStudio Brow Tint Pen
Unsolicited up-up, but hopefully show the effect in more detail

None excites me more than innovative new beauty products (especially ones that allow me to be lazier in my own routine), and the launch of this new Maybelline has really impressed me with unique applicators and dummy-proof existence. I will make a micro appointment this week, but after trying this product, I postpone it. My only hope? That this product existed two years ago. Who knows? I may never make that original promise.

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This $8 Brow Product Is So Good, I Canceled My Microblading Appointment
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