Tips on Saving Success

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Tips on Saving Success

Starting from a light, non-topic chat this morning with my first sister, our chat then flows into a discussion about saving. At a glance info, I am 3 brothers, my two younger brothers and my first sister is the smartest to save. He was always proud of parents in the affairs of saving money snack. Tips on Saving Success

Then by chance this morning we discussed about the tube saving, I finally asked him a few questions. Because honestly I was really curious how he saved money every day he went home in West Jakarta. And finally he shared some of the tips below, well for you who are also more trouble saving please read it. Tips on Saving Success


Begin saving and setting aside money NOW is not NANTI. Because if always delay with the word later, it will end with NEVER.



Refrain does not mean not to buy, but to buy when it is necessary. If you can not hold back the money will continue to be used.


Many people who may think saving in small amounts are useless because of the length of time it takes for money to accumulate. But it is this kind of thinking that is just wrong, save what is there or set aside a certain amount. Money that was thought to be baseball how useful it will be in the future if it is consistently set aside.


No need to take money from atm in large quantities. Because money taken it baseball may be back or can be saved, will surely sold out quickly. So just take the money from the ATM. This way I think personally is very helpful and is effective in controlling spending. Because of the potential to be a very large consumptive when we hold and know there is cash in the wallet. Better to restrict the money so that the hand baseball gatel would buy this.



This point I add is based on personal experience. My ugliness and ugliness that always end up making unsuccessful saving eye shop aka window shopping. Too often even until baseball can count how often. I always stop by a shop with the initial intention of 'clay liat aja' but it will definitely and always ends out shop with carrying groceries. This can be any shop yes, literally a-p-a-p-u-n! alfamart, indomart, family mart, ceria mart, grooming, baby shop, home appliance store, clothing store, shoe store, giant, superindo. Or stop by at the online store, want it tokopedia, bukalapak, flash sale shopee, lapak temen in IGF, stalls people in IG, etc etc ..

I did not hold a lot of cash in the wallet but I swipe my debit card, even worse now, that is swiping credit card husband. Or very easily pay for groceries online with klikBCA. Yes window shopping is that lighter if you are the type of person who is not strong faith. So please avoid eye washing.

OKE DEH !!! That first post this time, it is short and I think this shortest post deh. But I deliberately enggak enggak cuap-cuap in every point so that you can receive it easily without seem complicated. Hope it helps enough yes. Happy saving!

Tips on Saving Success

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