We Tried a Lot of Makeup Products This Month

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We Tried a Lot of Makeup Products This Month

We're really excited this month, taking a break to reflect on the best product we've tried in the last 30 days. (Both of them are very fun and very hard.) But we have a nice surprise on our sleeves: Yet before we dedicate a "best post" for all types of beauty products - from hair products to makeup for skin care - we decided to split our favorite categories every month to provide specific insights into what we have liked, tried and recommended to everyone we know. And here, right now, we're talking makeup. Look at the 16 best beauty products Tim Byrdie tried and quickly fell head over heels during the month of May. Keep scrolling for lipsticks, luminizers, and concealer we can not stop swiping. We Tried a Lot of Makeup Products This Month

"It's hard to choose which product from this collection I like the most, but this pioneer squeezes it in the top position.This gives the most beautiful dew - but not greasy wherever you tap it, it basically makes you look like a Glossier model. a little shimmer of pearls, and it feels as comfortable as a lip balm, counting this to make my skin look shiny and hydrated this summer (even if not). " We Tried a Lot of Makeup Products This Month

" Bures' Bees always impressed me with a makeup- and more importantly, I like that the product is free from hazardous materials.I am obsessed with the brand's latest makeup launch: the super-pigmented liquid lipstick comes in the most flattering color (it's hard to choose a fave, but when this is me into the cool pink color of Blush Bay), and feel hydrated.Unlike other liquid lipstick, they are no longer matte - but cream and velvet. me when I was wearing Coral Cove a few days ago, and when I told him that it was Burt's Bees, he was surprised because his color was very pigmented & # 39; - but honestly, he should not. Kill it, Burt Bee! " We Tried a Lot of Makeup Products This Month

" Koh Gen Do updated the iconic Aqua Foundation formula to become lighter and fuller in coverage back in April, and I finally got my hands on this month. The liquid texture feels so light that you think it will look thin, but one small tap is enough to disguise the redness due to the stress I face throughout the month. "

" I found this very well packed powder blush compact by the Japanese drugstore brand Shiseido while on the way to Tokyo in mid-May and was instantly fascinated not only by the Polly Pocket-esque case but with various beautiful shades, intense, and surprisingly high quality from including puff applicators. I have used it almost everyday and am still a big fan. "

" Bouncy, the gel stable has quite come this season, and now I understand why. The cooling effect of jelly is refreshing, dewy, and perfect for summer. This one offers a golden glaze and textures that make apps very easy. I placed it on my eyelids, cheeks, eyebrows, and Cupid bow for the never-dry allover light. " We Tried a Lot of Makeup Products This Month

" The latest lip gloss of Charlotte Tilbury is called Collagen Lip Bath, and certainly no moniker for gloss is more deceptive than that. Mustard grows hydrate extract, clumps, and increases lips volume to determine the contours of your lips and creates a fuller appearance, while coconut oil mixes and peppermint extracts nourish, soften, and create a fresh, cool feeling right after you apply. Then pearlescent pigments come into play, offering a pink sheen that reflects light, making your lips look fuller, wider, and IMHO, surely more compelling. " We Tried a Lot of Makeup Products This Month

" When it comes to makeup, stable is my weakness. That being said, it's rare I actually find one that can even get close to O.G. choose I've been obsessed since high school. However, thanks to this new launch from Cover FX, may eventually find a worthy opponent. It's very pigmented (I do not dodge the shimmer), and I like that I really get what I get with this palette. All three colors are very good, can be worn alone or even mixed and matched, and last all day. Currently I mainly wear a little rose gold on the top of my cheekbone, in the creases of my eyes, and as a final touch above my lips and Cupid bow. "So I realized that Technically it was designed to be the primary eye shadow, but considering I had a little more approximation when it came to eye shadow (as I hardly ever wear it), I have used a beige stick from Sigma instead. I am obsessed with the three colors (hence why you see the full color line above) but feel especially partial to Bubbly on the right, which has enough color and luster to make my eyes look a bit taller than they would do. themselves. "

" I am obsessed with Revlon Insta-Fix my favorite Stick Spotlight, but after trying this It Cosmetics variation for a recent story I have started to betray him a bit. It melts to the touch and is a bit more moist than Revlon offers, so on days when I wanted a wetter look, I switched to a magical blend of peptides, hyaluronic acid and hydrolyzed collagen to choose a fast (yet main) -up. "

" Huda picked up her favorite Rose Gold palette and rejuvenated it into a less sparkling and finer grind to reduce the fall while still maintaining the appearance of intense colors. The colors of rust, roses, and bronze make for a perfect summer palette - I can not wait to give him plenty of time in the coming months. "

" The worst is when fake makeup products claim solely and work for all skin tones - false news at its finest. This blur sticks are completely transparent and look amazing on my dark skin color. I keep it on my desk when I need to swipe something fast that will make me feel put together. The brand advertises it as a blurring primer that obscures pre-foundation imperfection, but I like to wear this alone. Its light coverage such as feathers produces my hyperpigmentation and leaves this fine golden glow. "

" I was a fanatic concealer - it was the one thing that woke my face and gave me without makeup makeup. Initially I was impressed by the enormous color range offered in this line, which is not surprising for BareMinerals because the brand always works well in the inclusivity department. I am obsessed with how short this mini stick is, and also how much difference it produces on my face. The formula is super creamy and full of coverage, so I dab it just above the black spots and under my eyes. The warmth of my ring finger works well when applying it. " We Tried a Lot of Makeup Products This Month

" I am not a bronzer person - it seems that is an annoying extra step in my routine. But when I traveled to Mexico a few weeks ago, I felt itchy because of the inspired 70s light, and my beautiful colleague Faith immediately recommended the newest Make bronzer. I am already obsessed with two colors: Marfa and Joshua Tree. They both make a really beautiful and natural-looking light - warm tones and glow of light, so it looks like you've just returned from a long and serene holiday on several tropical islands. I'll wear it all summer. "

" RARE that I once deviated from my beloved RMS Beauty "Un & # 39; Cover Up - most of the foundations and concealer drain my skin, so they are jolted in the matter of hours. But I am a fan of the Rituel de Fille product in general that I know the newest product, Conceal & Cover, is worth a try. Fast forward two weeks, and now a permanent staple in my daily makeup routine. While I think I will keep using my RMS as a concealer spot, I like the end of the Rituel de Fille product as the sole foundation of coverage. I just combine it with my beauty blender, and finishing by-matte makes my skin look smooth and oil-free without ever feeling dry or too airbrush. It still looks like my skin which is the key. "

" Isadora is the number one most popular makeup brand in Sweden. Recently made in the United States, and I was fortunate enough to test some of the best-selling brands, including Blush & Glow Draping Wheel ($ 25) and Grand Lash Styler ($ 18) . I love both, but the last one really surprised me. It takes one sweep (literally - just one) to increase the volume and density of my lashes on a large scale. If I swipe more than one coat, it looks like I'm wearing falsies. Seriously, it's very intense. The glossy black coat is not painful either. "

" The Urban Decay Beached Palette is everything I expect in terms of summer eye makeup. Eight talcum powder is soft, smooth, and super-pigmented. Coupled with shades of colors, ranging from sandy neutral to blues, chocolates, and bold reds. One of my favorites is Double Dip, a colorful turquoise color that restores the vibrations of the '80s in the best way. It inspired me to get out of my comfort zone of makeup. " We Tried a Lot of Makeup Products This Month

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We Tried a Lot of Makeup Products This Month

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