Your June Horoscope Is Here and It’s Good

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Your June Horoscope Is Here and It's Good

With a degree in neurosciences and art history from UCLA, Rose Theodora is an expert in terms of color therapy and astrology. Every month, she will share astrological insights for your marks, as well as the beauty products you should use - consider this your personal beauty horoscope. Your June Horoscope Is Here and It's Good

ARIES: Energy

Get more clear about your energy output in June. With Mars and Mercury going backwards this month and full moon near the end, use the first half of the month to complete the task and goal and to finish doing the things that will require your energy. The second half of the month will be very much about re-calibrating your energy, projects, and creative responsibilities. Focus less push forward and ask questions like Is this the right contact for me? Do I enjoy what I do? Do I feel supported and connected with my friends and social circles? Your beauty routine will bring you more excitement over the last two weeks. Think of brilliant gold and bronze and, more importantly, have fun! Your June Horoscope Is Here and It's Good

JUNE || OVERVIEW. Some planets go back this month. Yes, I know, again - but need to clean, clean, re-evaluate, fix, redefine, and then build. Think about the process of skin care. Removing dead skin cells, regularly re-evaluating your skincare regimen, and adjusting things to fit your growing skin needs are essential to ensure a healthy and natural glowing skin. Think June is the same: as a necessity.

June 12: Mercury enters Cancer where communication becomes more focused, family-oriented, and emotionally. Express your feelings - that's important. Just pay attention to the tendency to take things personally. Your June Horoscope Is Here and It's Good

June 13: The New Moon in Gemini means embracing light, joy, and change. The new moon is right smack in the middle of many fixed stars that bring out your inner child and help you express yourself more easily. Your June Horoscope Is Here and It's Good

June 13: Venus enters Leo region aka glamor is great, creative, expressive, affectionate, and hard. Think confident as far as your love language is concerned and colors and gold for your aesthetics this month. With a little luck, you will receive an abundant confidence this month. Go big or go home when it comes to your product. Your June Horoscope Is Here and It's Good

June 18 - November 24: Neptune retreats in Pisces. Realizing things and experiences means that you must first dream of it, then feel it. Neptune retrograde means digging deeper into your subconscious and gaining a clearer insight into what's real than imagined.

June 21 - July 22: The sun enters Cancer, making this Cancer season. Emotional, family, and personalized intelligence are your main focus. Your June Horoscope Is Here and It's Good

June 26 - August 27: Mars retreats to Aquarius. Aquarius, Leo, Taurus, and Scorpio will be affected mostly by this one, so it's slow and easy to do. Rethink how you act now. Ask yourself what you are fighting and how you can be more precise in taking action on your future. Your June Horoscope Is Here and It's Good

June 28: Full moon is in Capricorn with Saturn in Capricorn. This one is a heavy hitter - it means releasing something in your life forever. There is no way to come back with this one. Read your horoscope for a clearer sphere of what to remove. Your June Horoscope Is Here and It's Good

June 29: Mercury enters Leo. Your thoughts and communication are abundant, creative, and alive.

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TAURUS: Freedom

Last month, Uranus put your mark, which means you have a new feeling about the meaning of financial freedom and stability for you. June reminds you of your spiritual and intuitive connections with others, about your plans for the future, and the importance of a better work / life balance. The first half of the month is alive with plans and negotiations. Let your emotional intelligence guide you - there is a point lately. In the second half of this month, you will see your travel plans or educational goals ending, as you will bring more responsibility and sense of accomplishment, especially with the full moon at Capricorn on 28 June. Ultimately, you create more stability to have more freedom. Let your insurrectionist leader. The last half month was a mellower. Focus on making your home cozier and integrating a soothing approach to your beauty routine, for example, a soothing and soothing mask. When you feel safe, you feel free, and your skin reflects that.

GEMINI: Resources

The focus is on you this month. You have a bunch of short planets that boost your self-esteem, communication, and intuitive moneymaking skills. This month, with Mars in retrograde, you might plan to revisit a previous place that awakens something inside you, and now you'll come back to take more; this can be a metaphysical experience you have or a real physical purpose. Think of June as the time to get more information and close the door, especially with the full moon at Capricorn on 28 June. The new month on your sign on June 13 starts a new 12 month cycle where you rename, redefine, and more clearly. about what you want. The end of the month brings a little weight to your responsibility, but it's not something you can not handle. Think of it more as freedom through freedom. Focusing on yourself means relying on your genius communication skills. When it comes to your skin, share what you have learned to others. Choose a refreshing and hydrating facial haze to keep your skin balanced during the summer.

CANCER: Wanting

Happy Birthday, Cancer! The sun enters your mark on June 21, the longest day of the year. You will share the first half of the month with Gemini, which is closely related to communication and information gathering. For you, the communication happens behind the scenes. It is subtle and invisible; your intuition. Spend the first half of the month to meditate more and focus on your dreams. The second half of this month really brings things to a quiet climax. A full moon opposite to your sign on June 28 means that something you are working on (dreams, maybe) are being met - may not be exactly what you expect, but sorting through the realistic details of your life. The full moon on June 28 brings a lot of things into focus and will help you know exactly what to do. Planning to be busy in June with work and creative endeavors. Remember that emotional creativity is what gives you energy. Your skin's light always depends on your emotional state and the food you eat. Near the end of the month, try skin detox and drink more water. Your June Horoscope Is Here and It's Good

LEO: Clarity

For most of the month, you will focus on spiritual effort, work internally behind the scenes to attract creative inspiration and find answers regarding how you want to move forward. Think of this month as the end of the cycle in which you reflect before taking action. A lot will end before your birthday, and this is a good thing. The new month at Gemini 13 June gives you hope; You will see this coming more fruitful in the fall, in November. The new month on June 28 in Capricorn is intense, and your health is important. You'll finally see near-finished work projects, getting clarity so you know how and where to plan more. Mars retrograde at Aquarius (June 26) means your goals and plans relate to others, work, or both. Turn inside and really connect with all aspects of your life; this is a fun time where things get clearer. June 29 means you are ready to voice the plan and your life looks more colorful and fun. Your skin will glow beautifully when Venus enters your mark on June 13th. Your June Horoscope Is Here and It's Good


Time seems to be more precious these days and gives you a deeper insight into your motives and needs. The new month on June 13 in Gemini will focus on your career and your goals for your future - especially about who and what you are to others. Instead of feeling heavy, it feels light, fun, and much needed. Expect more recognition and more responsibility. Your social circle feels more important, so give them your full attention. The full moon on June 28 means that you must complete the work project and release unhealthy habits. You give birth to a new self-awareness, and others notice. Your idea explodes behind the screen, but you're not ready to share it yet. Stay present and at that moment while letting the fear disappear. Bare skin is equivalent to beauty, and you want to look as natural as possible. A mild cleansing milk is what you need in June. Your June Horoscope Is Here and It's Good

LIBRA: The Future

Usually you are not an emotional sign, but this month may make you healthier. The way you deal with your profession in June and the way others experience you is elegant, refined, fair, even nurturing. The first half of each month is about broadcasting your feelings related to work. When you do this, you destroy all the emotional barriers and instantly make others feel secure with you; it authentically improves your career status and social circle big time. The second half of the month with Mars retrograde (June 26) means family and partnership dominate your world. Moreover, give your attention so you can create more emotional freedom in the long run. The full moon on Capricorn on June 28 feels almost determined in terms of what happens at home and in your most intimate relationship, such as family and romantic love. Giving up on the results and knowing that whatever happens is the best for your future. You are getting closer to deep psychological freedom, to feel more secure and supported by your social circle. Your beauty regimen should be glamorous and luxurious in June. Your June Horoscope Is Here and It's Good


What you say and how you say it matters. Your career is the main focus in June as you lay the groundwork. You do the psychological, emotional, and spiritual growth you need to get lasting results. Remember that true inner peace comes from a healthy balance between all aspects of your life. Mars will experience retrograde June 26, and it is related to work and home; it's all slowing down so you can reevaluate what's really important and meaningful. The full moon on June 28 means releasing a limited point of view for the more enlightened and free. Your skin needs a good facial wash to clear old ideas and dead skin cells.


Unlike Retrograde Mercury, Mars will retrograde from 26 June to 27 August, which will affect your ideas, thoughts, and the way you communicate it. The rate at which you experience things will also slow down. Remember that retrogrades are about rethinking, repeating, and re-calibrating the way you take action based on your ideas. Think of June as reorganizing your resources and the way you communicate to get more precise results. The full moon on Capricorn on June 28 will bring you almost all the hard work you've done; You end up releasing something that has spent a lot of your time and energy, and that is a nice parting. June 29 invites more fun and journey into your life! Your beauty regimen means better circulation - massage your face more and try this.

CAPRICORN: Inner Beauty

June is about releasing. It's about being grateful for how others support you because you'll see this evidence in June: people who want to be there for you, to offer you financial and emotional support. Open to receive it so you do not miss this opportunity. The two things you can do this month are honest and sensitive communication - really talking from the heart with the feelings of others - and reconnecting with your creative gift by developing your creative imagination and intuition even further. The full moon on June 28 is your sign, Capricorn, so this means breaking away from the frightening old ways of stifling your creative self-expression. Your skin can use deep cleanse around the full moon because the acne is expected with all the major changes taking place.


Mars retrograde on your sign this month, so there's nothing you can do but enjoy what's in front of you - to sit with things and make it easy. Expect that your low energy is not due to something wrong by nature, but because Mars, the planet associated with vital life force energy, will retreat all the months in your mark, force you to slow down and make it easy for the purpose of re-evaluating the urge to take action . June is when you take a break; when you enjoy your work through work. That's when you take stock of the artistic, medicinal, spiritual approach to life and why it matters to you / what it means to you. June 21st, when the sun enters Cancer, gives your life and occupational health a boost and will inspire greater self-care. The full moon on June 28 highlights your subconscious consciousness, which can seem irrational or overwhelming. Give up intense feelings and use little R & R as a cure. Toward the end of the month, your relationship gets a big boost, and this will guide you through the end of September. Treat your skin like you do your soul: with tenderness. Choose a soft and soft restorative mask.

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Your June Horoscope Is Here and It's Good
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