Review ZAP Beauty Loose Powder

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Review ZAP Beauty Loose Powder

Hello beauty lovers! Ever heard of baseball products ZAP brand powder products? It must still be foreign because we all know, ZAP is a beauty clinic. Their famous treatment is permanently removing feathers with IPL technology. But it turns out that ZAP also add their line of business to the realm of cosmetics, their line of cosmetic products that have been previously released that is lip cream. ZAP Beauty Loose Powder

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Powder is usually a friend of skin pimples . But I'm a normal dry skin even prefer to use powder, because the result is natural and baseball cakey. For that ZAP clinic launched ZAP Beauty Loose Powder, this powder is claimed to be very light and soft on the skin. As well as acne friendly so it is safe for easy facial acne. Review ZAP Beauty Loose Powder

ZAP Beauty Loose Powder itself has 4 variants, namely:
001 Translucent - for all skin tone
002 Classic ivory - fair skin tone
003 (19659005) ZAP Clinic in collaboration with Clozette Indonesia sends me 2 variants of ZAP Beauty Loose Powder, which is translucent and natural beige. How does it perform on my skin and my opinion about this product? Keep reading yaa .. Review ZAP Beauty Loose Powder

Natural Beige

Able to reduce contrast and hide imperfection on facial skin surface. With the pearl natural mineral agent, ZAP Beauty Loose Powder variant Healthy Glow makes the face look healthy glowing, even works better when it blends with the natural oil of the skin without looking dull.


Use of ZAP Beauty Loose Powder - Natural Beige above foundation

Since it is easy to blackhead, I so prefer to use a powder of powder rather than solid powder.Both used single use or worn over the foundation.Because the powder formulas are mild so baseball poked clog pores that eventually make blackheads.Shade natural beige is allegedly turned out to be a g matches my skin color. Although its coverage is sheer (and it is generally powder sow like that), I enggak problem for daily use. Because I do not need baseball coverage but just simply help the foundation for baseball faded or shifted.

For daily I prefer to use this powder over sunscreen. Everyday indeed I rarely really use the foundation because it prefers the natural aja. And this powder supports the look that I want. Coupled with the existence of a natural pearl agent that makes my face glowing when again somewhat dry bit.


Unlike the Healthy Glow variant, ZAP Beauty Loose Powder - Translucent is a colorless face powder without pearl agent , which can help absorb oil and water and protect the base of make-up while on the move. Gives a truly colorless and transparent finish that does not change the base color of makeup, foundation.



Use of ZAP Beauty Loose Powder Translucent above foundation and ZAP natural beige powder.

Can plasticity differ from the photo above. If ZAP Beauty Loose Powder Healthy Glow gives a glowing effect on the face, the translucent works like an oil paper. It absorbs the gloss on the face without shifting the base and without adding color to the face. This product is officially a substitute for Coty Airspun translucent powder. Because when compared with Coty, ZAP powder particles are smoother and also do not make dry skin after baking. Other things are also powder this make the skin smooth afterwards, such as the disposable baby powder. Review ZAP Beauty Loose Powder




Review ZAP Beauty Loose Powder

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